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The Protagonist of P5

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The Rise of Aurora West Fanart Contest and Give-away!

After the success of The Battling Boy Magical T-Shirt Contest First Second and I organized for the release of Paul Pope’s Battling Boy this past October, we’re teaming again to announce The Rise of Aurora West Fanart Contest and Give-Away! Paul Pope’s friend and talented cartoonist David Mack will help judge the contest again!

In the next few months, comics has a few exciting rebrandings of established heroes starring female leads with Spider-Gwen and Batgirl, but First Second is offering up an original kid superhero in The Rise of Aurora West from the brushes of Paul Pope and David Rubin .

The Rise of Aurora West is the first in two prequel books to Battling Boy written by Paul Pope and JT Petty and drawn by the amazing David Rubin (Beowulf)! The prequel centers on Aurora West and how her relationship with her father and her past develop her into the character we see her as in the Battling Boy book.

Fanart Guidelines: Simply draw Aurora West. You can play with her design as you see fit. You can do straight-forward illustrations, comic strips, anything you want so long as Aurora West is the subject. Tag your piece #RiseAuroraWest. Winners will recieve a signed copy of The Rise of Aurora West by Paul Pope!

Giveaways! We’ll be randomly giving away several galleys of The Rise of Aurora West for the first two weeks of the contest based on who likes and reblogs this post. After those two weeks are up, the next two weeks will feature the same process, but the random few will win copies of the final book! You don’t have to follow this blog, but I recommend you do!

If you wish to buy a signed and skip the contest/give-away, Paul Pope is signing copies to be sent out from Word in New York.


Aug. 26th to Sept. 9th- Galley Give-Away Winners are randomly selected.

Sept. 9th to Sept. 23rd- Book Winners are randomly selected.

Aug. 26th to Sept. 30th-All fanart entries must be submitted and tagged (If you don’t have tumblr email your entry to davezissou@hotmail.com) 

Winners will be selected and announced soon after.


Follow Paul Pope: Website | Instagram | Twitter

Follow David Rubin: Website | Twitter

Follow JT Petty: Twitter

Follow First Second: Website | Tumblr | Twitter | Facebook

Contest poster by David Zissou

We all can’t wait to see what you can bring to Aurora West! Go and have fun!

Update for your weekend!

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this sequence <3

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My favorite vinyl by far

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30 Day Challenge // Day 26 // Your Favorite Sweet Food

Let them eat cake~

I always tell my girl she doesn’t have cakes because she’s Hispanic, she has flan. Caramel Crema doe~ And I couldn’t forget about the ladies, so have yourself some cake too. Cupcakes!

I know, I know it’s been a while. And it will be another long while. I’m just too busy. I probably won’t be free to make another gif till July, which is why I did two.

But for now, eat up!

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two silent hill fan comics,
The first made from L’s memory of how Silent Hill 2’s plot unfolds
The second based on leaked script of upcoming Silent Hill game

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some “researches” for “new” or “old” “projects” :0  !!! ok.

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So, it’s wednesday. Comics day! So here is mine. 

This is my own big tribute to the great "Moon Knight" run made by the amazing creative team: Warren Ellis (warrenellis), Declan Shalvey (dshalv) and of course Jordie Bellaire (jordiecolorsthings). 

I’ve always thought that my first fan-made story would be about Spider-Man or Batman or someone else. But exactly THIS book inspired me to do my first short comics ever. My story is messy, it has issues, it was very VERY difficult for me to do, but after all I am pretty okay with the result. 

I want to say BIG thank you to creators of this book! It is awesome and will be one of my favourites forever.

(All the characters belong to Marvel.)


Check out my instagram: http://instagram.com/dimaiv_nov

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